Audience members at the National Conference of the National Older Women's Network 2019

2019 - OWN at the Royal Commission and the 25th State Conference

OWN presents at the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety at the Bankstown Community Forum on March 1st.  

OWN NSW travels to Narrabri to take part in the Wellbeing Gathering for Older People event on June 29th

Penrith OWN celebrates 25 years

The 25th annual conference of the National Older Women’s Network is held on the theme of “A Place to Call Home” about housing security for older women, with Jane Caro as the keynote speaker. 

Illawarra OWN Wellness Centre celebrates its 10th anniversary. 

The Mullumbimby OWN is formed with an emphasis on social activity.

History is herstory too.

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