1993 - Group shot of theatre women

1993 - OWN goes National

OWN goes National: a recognition of national issues affecting older women. A conference of OWN Australia is held. 

An Australia Council skill development grant allows the Theatre Group to boost members’ skills and confidence.

Linda Adamson is employed to run a research project on the health needs and experiences of older women, WELL-BEING: For and By Older Women. The report concludes with the comment ‘Older women can be innovators and pacesetters’. 

Ten Indigenous women and ten OWN members meet on a boat trip around Sydney Harbour with the accomplished Aboriginal guide and educator, the late Joyce Woodberry. 

This pivotal meeting leads to the formation of the Aboriginal Study Circle with the aim of studying the ‘history, customs and culture of Aboriginal People and to spread this knowledge’ with the motto ‘Listen – Learn – Understand’.  Lynne Pollack and Pat Zinn are tireless mainstays of this energetic and committed group.

History is herstory too.

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