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Who Are We?

Our group was formed in 2002 with a handful of members, and has since grown to around forty women, ranging in age from 60 to 90 years of age, although 45 and up would be OK! 

We welcome all women, from all cultures, beliefs and backgrounds, who identify as older women. At the moment our members are mostly Aussies, with some English, Scottish, Indian and South African members.

Join Our Group

Carol Hinte
02 4657 1444


Members of the group meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Tahmoor Health Centre, Harper Close Tahmoor, at 1.30pm.  We also conduct Gentle Exercise classes, Tai Chi, Craft, monthly Bus and Train trips etc.

  • Group Meetings
  • Gentle Exercise
  • Bus and Train Trips
  • Scrabble and Book Club via U3A
  • Holiday Club
  • Drumming Group
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Guest Speakers

Members of the group attend some form of activity nearly every day of the week, most based on a Wellness program and nearly all started by the group ‑ but not exclusively for the group.

A group of older women enjoying a picnic
A group of 6 older women standing, posing for the camera
A group of older women enjoying a picnic

We offer activities that stimulate our minds as well as our bodies.  Activities include gentle exercise, gym visits, dancing, drumming, aqua aerobics, painting, theatre visits, bus trips and group holidays. Speakers at group meetings are varied and interesting.

Being in a rural area, our needs are different to our city-dwelling sisters. We feel that rural women often miss out on hearing about important changes to programs that may impact on their health or rights. 

We carefully balance our program to make sure women keep coming for the fun and friendship, but don’t miss the information. Wollondilly OWN makes it our business to keep members informed of these changes to government policy and programs, and through OWN NSW makes politicians aware of the impact of changes on older women living in rural communities.

Taking action to address the issues for older women now and in the future regarding housing, health, communication and social isolation is crucial for our members.  We make sure our activities are low-cost and designed to bring people together, so that we cultivate and maintain an active and engaged community. We want to put age, gender and access on everyone’s agenda.

Wollondilly OWN invites you to join us.

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Find out today how you can get involved and shape the future of older women in Australia.

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