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Who Are We?

 Penrith OWN is a small but freindly group. After conducting member surveys we developed a program of activities that has seen us grow and evolve since 1994, and we can now say with confidence that we are truly a well-balanced group.

Our weekly program of Yoga, Tai Chi, Aqua Exercise and International Dance all have qualified instructors and classes of devoted participants.  

Join Our Group

Rae Paine
4732 1885


Thelma Anderson
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We meet on the 3rd Saturday of the monthe for our committee meeting follwoed by a social activity at the Penrith Senior Citizen’s Centre at 86 Station St., Penrith . 

Then on Tuesdays you’ll find us at the Governor Phillip Hydro Therapy Pool, Gascoigne St. Penrith, enjoying our Aqua Aerobics.

Like all OWN groups, Penrith OWN was founded on the principle of advocating for the rights, dignity and wellbeing of older women. 

We maintain our wellbeing through our programs, and we advocate for our rights and dignity by ensuring that we have good access to community facilities and resources, and that we are well represented in community forums.

We have a good relationship with our Local Council and we also have OWN representatives on Council Committees, and frequently work in partnership on various projects with them. 

We also have members working on Health and Community Committees and collaborating with other community groups and networks such as the North Penrith Community Centre.

A group of older women dancing
A large group of older women holding cups, posing for the camera
3 women in a pool holding pool noodles

Penrith OWN also works with researchers and students at UWS, Deakin University and Macquarie University to assist with issues related to gender and ageing.

Having been around for nearly 20 years we have gained experience in dealing with the loss of members – some to Retirement Villages, some to Nursing Homes, some to dementia, some moving away and sadly, but inevitably, dear friends die. 

Having a loving and supportive community around you to provide friendship and comfort during these times, is one of the unspoken treasures of OWN.

Our regular activities may include the following:

  • Social Meetings
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • International Dance

Our Vision for Penrith OWN is to look after the health and welfare of the group with our weekly exercise programmes and social interaction.

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