About Us

The Older Women's Network was born out of a necessity to have the voiceS of older women heard

Who Are We?

The aims of the Older Women’s Network are to provide older women with access to education, information and support, and to enable them to challenge negative stereotypes of female ageing; as well as to encourage their participation in decision-making about matters affecting their wellbeing.

The first older Women’s Network was established in Sydney in 1985.

In 2001 the individual groups voted to form a State Body and OWN NSW was established.

The growth of OWN groups across Australia prompted the need for the provision of a distinct national voice and so in 1993 OWN Australia was formed.

In 2017 the name was changed to National Older Women’s Network (NOWN)  but both names are interchangeable.

The aim of each OWN Group nation-wide is to promote the rights, dignity and wellbeing of older women.

There are currently 17 groups operating across NSW,  in Queensland and in Western Australia.

Victoria, South Australia are currently reforming and we are looking to build networks in Tasmania, ACT and the NT.

Groups organise a wide range of activities and advocate on issues of concern to older women according to the aims and objectives defined by the members.

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