Older Women's Network (WA) Inc

Welcome to OWN:

Open to all women over the age of 50 years

Advocate for the well being of women

In most Australian States

Regular meetings

Newsletter published quarterly

Affiliated member of National Council of Women WA and The Council on the Ageing WA

WA OWN Group

The following group operates within OWN WA to cater for members' interests.

As a member of OWN WA you are welcome to attend all the meetings.


Gosnells Older Women's Network

Meets on: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month
At: Gosnells
Uniting Church Hall, Hicks Street
Time: 12 noon to 2.30pm
Patricia      Ph: 9459 2014
Fay      Ph: 9398 2464

About OWN WA

OWN WA Aims and Objectives:

To encourage awareness of older women's interests

To promote enrichment of life, mutual support, companionship and friendship amongst older women

Social interaction, learning, health and exercise

To promote awareness by Governments of older women's concerns i.e. housing, health, safety, income, security, transport, home and community care, etc

To achieve recognition of the voluntary contribution of older women in society

To present a positive image of older women and to celebrate ageing

To provide and distribute information for and about older women

What OWN Does:

OWN WA is an organisation of and for mature women who seek to enrich their lives and those of others by involvement in:

Discussion groups

Fun and friendship

Information sharing

Mutual support

Theatre group



and social gatherings

You are most welcome to join us.

** You're never alone with OWN **

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